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ANLAN Electric Eye Massager Vibration Anti Age Eye Wrinkle

Instructions in eight languages:
Russian, english,japanese, korean, spanish, italian, french, german

1. Usb charging:
Small and portable.
2. Color light care:
*red (delicate eye skin),
*blue (relaxing eyes, firming and elasticity, eliminating puffiness),
*yellow (relaxing eyes, using with eye cream, promoting nutrition introduction),
*mixed light (three functions superimposed) four different light effects, alleviate eye fatigue, prevent eye skin from aging, make skin firmer and reduce fine lines of eyes.
3. 38-45 ℃ temperature:
Can be adjusted to meet the needs of different people. Comfortable hot compress massage temperature, warm massage eyes, better promote the absorption of eye cream, so that skin care products play a greater value.
4.vibration massage:
According to different needs, choose different massage intensity, deeply massage the eye skin, take away the tiredness of the day.
5. Vibration + hot compress:
Black gallstone massage head, with natural magnetism, can fully absorb the nutrition of skin care products, relax the tired eyes of one day, thoroughly wake up the sleeping eye cells, recombine the disordered eye fibers, effectively remit the pigment precipitation, and completely repair the aging and dry eye skin, various eye bags, edema and black eye circles, and bloodshot eyes.

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