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Eye massager

Adjustable elastic headband. The tightness of the black headband can be adjusted to suit your face shape, and the elastic headband is designed to fit the head of most people. Around the eye massager
Insert 22 magnets to provide a scientific and complete massage for your eye muscle points.
Ultra-soft silicone massage touch, no side effects on the skin.
9 vibration mode or choose according to your individual needs.
Multifunction. This eye massage is equipped with built-in magnets, multi-frequency vibration and acupuncture massage to relieve eye strain, promote blood circulation to the eyes, relax eye muscles, help sleep, improve vision, etc.
Suitable for many people. This eye massager is designed for people with myopia, myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and eye use.
Rechargeable design. Built-in lithium battery.

Please choose contact lenses in advance.
Do not use this product for people who have eye injuries, inflammation or burns.
Do not use this product in bathrooms or other high temperature areas.
Do not immerse the device in water.
Do not put it with flammable objects or place it in the sun.

Material: ABS + Silicone + magnetic + electrical component
Power: 0.8 W
Voltage: DC 5 V
Time of use: 10 minutes
Package contents: Pack in a bubble bag, without box
1 x Eye massager
1 x USB cable

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