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Lip Plumper

This is a set with those these shapes.

Usage: moisten the lips first. Moistening the area around the lips helps to get the best suction. Then position the product in the area of the lips that needs to be enhanced and begin to gently inhale to create a firm suction. Gently continue until you feel your lips and surrounding areas pull your lips into the lip enricher, slowly and gently suck, about 10-15 seconds later release the suction. Take it out and check to see if your lips have the look and fullness you want. If not, repeat all of the above steps. Everyone has different needs and how they want their lips to be full, they want a full mind. If you have created too much suction, use your tongue or fingers to break the suction. You can then replace enhancements and restart. If the lips look purple or have any damage, stop breathing because the suction is too strong. Round Lip enhancer, your entire mouth area will be covered. If you are using ellipses, you can zoom in on specific areas. Oval can be used horizontally or vertically. When using vertical placement in the center of the enhanced area of your lips, covering your upper and lower lips, this will increase the middle area of your lips, giving a Cupid look to the lips. Although the design has a soft bend radius, placing the lips too long may leave a light red mark around the mouth, which should disappear in a few minutes.